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So I bought this on the pre-release, finished it the first day. Overall I think it's a fantastic read, I've printed out a couple of the chapters to keep them as a reference/words of wisdom. The stories from the "good old days" are great but as expected, the true gems are the more general teachings about life.

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  • avatar In The Flesh

    Whether you've been religiously reading Uncle Eddie's daily posts for years or are just visiting WSO for your first time today, you owe it to yourself (and your career!) to pick yourself up a copy.

    The book is a compilation of Eddie's finest moments over a four-year-plus writing career with WSO. And to sweeten the deal for us long-time fans, he's thrown in several unreleased adventures, including the story of his first Wall Street interview (with Merrill Lynch) and the one that makes the entire purchase price of the book worthwhile: life on the run in Mexico when a young Mr. Braverman discovered what his old firm was doing...and decided to get even!

  • avatar Wall Street Playboys

    We enjoyed the book and believe the following people would find it of interest 1) Current Wall Street Professionals, 2) Fans of Eddie Braverman of course, 3) Men/Women truly interested in working Wall Street and 4) People interested in Wall Street culture and interest in advice from a legitimate Wall Street professional.

  • jss09

    I would highly recommend this book to anybody who is looking for a interesting, fun read even if they aren't interested in finance. The book covers a broad range of topics and Eddie drops great insight into every chapter. The first thing that stands out about the book is the general content of the chapters. Eddie does a great job of covering his career in trading, he goes into great detail about the environment back in the day and paints an amazing picture of what it was like for him to be starting out in the 90's and how he went from a painfully awkward rejection from Merrill Lynch to the top of his training class in a matter of months...The writing style was perhaps my favorite part of the book. The way Eddie writes makes it easy to live vicariously in a time where Wall Street was a lot crazier than it is now.

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4 Things You'll Get In This Book:

  1. Original stories about what it was like to work on Wall Street in the 1990's: breaking in with no network or college degree, the grind, the partying, the money, and the mistakes I made during my career that you can avoid in yours.
  2. The never-before-published plan I wrote to destroy one of the four largest banks in the United States. What began as an academic exercise quickly spiraled out of control and became one of the most controversial series of posts in WSO history, ultimately leading to the Playboy magazine cover story pictured to the right. The plan itself is here in its entirety.
  3. Your fan-favorite posts from the past five years edited and updated. Topics include career advice, trading and investment strategy, personal finance, lifestyle management, humor, and advice on becoming someone worth knowing.
  4. As a WSO reader, you'll get Gmail Mastermind, my upcoming book full of the best Gmail productivity hacks, absolutely FREE. Gmail is an incredibly powerful tool, and this book will show you how to use it to its fullest potential.

About The Author

I began my finance career in 1992 after a five year hitch as an enlisted Marine. None of the white shoe firms would touch me without a degree, so I started in the only place that would have me: a penny stock boiler room hell bent on cleaning up their image. Turns out it was the best place I ever could have started. The habits I learned in that place enabled me to walk away a couple weeks before my 30th birthday and would serve me well the rest of my life.

Fast forward to 2008. The world is on fire, and Wall Street is to blame. The same white shoe firms who turned their noses up at me now cling to life by a thread. An ambitious Wharton grad with a fledgling web community reaches out to me and I come aboard as a writer to help make sense of the financial crisis. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the past five years I've written for Wall Street Oasis almost every day the market has been open, and we've covered a lot of ground. We've seen the community grow from roughly 8,000 members when I started to over 150,000 today, and we've become the de facto launchpad for thousands of successful finance careers. Not too shabby for a bunch of monkeys in suits!

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